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Cindy The Busy Woman's Cheerleader

& Friends Present The

Well Woman's Retreat

It's Time For Your Spiritual Awakening

Melbourne Beach {Orlando, FL}

October 20-23, 2023

Welcome!  Your best days are ahead of you, not behind you!
     Sometimes do you feel there's more that you should be doing, but can't quite put your finger on it because something seems to be holding you back?

     Better yet, have you ever felt like no one could hear your cries buried inside that screamed something is broken inside me and I need Help before I…? 

    Just like you, many of us have and that is why you need to be at this retreat this Fall:

  • It's time to unveil and unmask what is holding you hostage inside of your own body

  • It's time to release the choke hold on your dreams, goals and life's purpose. It's time for your spiritual awakening!


Imagine your next me-time getaway...

In a safe space with no judgement.

Where you can share your truth and begin to HEAL, TAKE BACK YOUR PEACE OF MIND, CLARITY AND POWER that you may have lost, but only belongs to you. It's the spiritual awakening that you need right now to awaken all the hidden treasures that have become dormant inside of you!

What Can You Expect At the Well Woman's Retreat

Experience the Thrive360 Theory:

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  • Learn To Conquer Negative Beliefs About Yourself

  • How To Reclaim Your Power To Live Your Truth

  • How To Discover The How and Why - Your Secret Pain Ignites Fire Under Your Purpose

  • How To Confidently Take Off Your Masks and Heal

  • How To Face Your Fears Head On, Triumph & Walk In Full Authority Fulfilling Your Destined Path On Earth.

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You will connect, grow, learn and heal...

Cindy Rand's Well Woman's Retreat 2023


Amidst a diverse group of like-minded women in an intentionally small, intimate setting during your

3 Day Awakening Intensive &

1 Day Reflection Therapy Session. 


Together you will align your paths with actions that will propel you along your journey to unveiling all that is required for you to

Thrive in Mind, Body, Spirit & Finances, ultimately freeing you to live your life more abundantly!

 Meet the Busy Woman's Friends & Co-Hosts







Gloria Grace is a Spiritual Alignment Coach, Best-Selling Author and creator of the L.O.V.E. Method.™  Gloria helps her clients break the self-sabotage cycle and re-align their mindsets to create a life and business with more influence, impact, and income!

Donna Tashjian is the founder of Vibrant Living International! She is a Life Mastery Coach, an ordained minister, podcaster, and author. She helps bring accelerated transformations to women worldwide, empowering them to master life, spirit, soul, and body!

Donna Robinson is a gentle giant, power-packed with an arsenal of  insight and wisdom on faith and lifestyle! She serves as the Co-Pastor of New Day Christian Center, is an Author, and the creator of the lifestyle blog: A.T.L. "All Things Life" where she encourages her audiences  to Build-Become & Balance to live their lives on purpose!


Meet Your Host: Cindy Rand

Hello Beautiful,

        Thank you for being here! I am Cindy affectionately known as The Busy Woman’s Cheerleader! A Serial Entrepreneur | C-Suite Executive| Author | Leadership Coach & Founder of the Podcast: Complete Wellness with Cindy-The Busy Woman’s Cheerleader and a bunch of other stuff.

         Yet, suffice to say: I am still learning along my journey and that part will never end. I am a mom, glam mom, daughter, sister, cousin, auntie and niece. I’ve been a wife, ex-wife, girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, fiancé, domestic violence survivor, formerly homeless, single parent and married-single parent. I continue to be a grateful humanitarian, songstress, intercessor, confidant, formally educated, book smart, street smart, optimist, and realist who is a compassionate (but never bitter) woman, that is a spiritually grounded – kind of friend.

Pleased To Meet You, My New Friend!




Out of all that I have been graced to do, I am most passionate

about helping women like you discover what makes them whole and how to use those tools to Thrive 360 in every area of their life.


     Why? Because, I have been so broken inside. So broken that I literally ask God to take me off this you can see, he didn’t! But what I learned during that fragile time in my life, was that I had to take time out of my busy schedule, take my mask off and work on me!

      Something had to change and I could not point to my finger at anyone but myself.  I needed to finally face the parts of my life that had left me broken, and wounded inside; the parts that I was too afraid to speak on and address. Something inside was holding me back from everything I envisioned for myself; and I needed help. During the retreat, I will be sharing with you what I did to overcome myself and get into a posture to understand God’s plan for my life.

         That is why I created this Well Woman’s Retreat; as a safe space – no judgement zone where women like you can connect to share anything you need to share to begin healing your brokenness that you’ve hidden inside. Where you can take off your mask of hurt, shame, disappointments, and rejections. Where you can finally clear out the clutter inside that holds you back; that you can no longer take with you into your future – because it’s too heavy!


           I am so super excited about you taking your first steps towards unveiling your brokenness AND mending from it! - I can't wait to see there!




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Out of all that I have been graced to do, I am most passionate

about helping women like you discover what makes them whole and Thrive 360 in every area of their life.

Well Woman's Retret 2023 with Cindy the Busy Woman's Cheerleader

Your Package Will Include:

  • 4 -Night Stay in an Upscale Resort Villa

  • 3-Days of Sacred Space Awakening Intensives

  • 1-Day of Reflection Therapy Session

  • Catered Meals By Personal Chef

  • Luxurious Sunday Brunch

  • 1-Year Diamond Membership To The Busy Woman's Network

  • Retreat Supplies and Materials

  • Busy Woman's Gift Bag



Early Bird Special Until August 1st!

*Single Room Occupancy


*Single Room Occupancy

*Double Room Occupancy

Limited Seats Available

An oasis of rejuvenation
and self-RE-Discovery awaits you...

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Friends at the Beach
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So, what are you waiting for?? You can do this!

Get ready to unveil, Heal & eVolve. It's time and You so deserve it.

Come on I got you!

Partial proceeds benefit A Grateful Mind International 501c3 charity.

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